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GTA Direct Windows & Doors Inc. provides high-performance, energy-star certified, uPVC windows.

GTA Direct’s unique window replacements blend style, convenience, and high performance, offering maximum insulation and energy efficiency tailored to any existing setup. Our windows installation, including casement windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows, are designed for energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability, with plenty of custom options to enhance the attractiveness of your property in Toronto and the surrounding area. Opt for our windows to enjoy the benefits of advanced house windows technology in Toronto, ensuring affordability. Our exclusive, care-free transferable lifetime warranty underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making GTA Direct the optimal choice for enhancing your home or commercial space with energy-efficient, stylish, and durable window solutions.¬†


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Experienced Professional Windows Installation Team is at Your Service in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Vaughan, and Markham.

GTA Direct Windows & Doors Inc. boasts a unique windows installers team with over 40 years of combined experience. We specialize in Brick-to-Brick installation, perfect for replacing windows with compromised frames, ensuring a complete overhaul for enhanced insulation. Our Retrofit installation, recommended when existing frames are already well-insulated, involves removing and replacing only the sash for a quick yet effective update. For a comprehensive upgrade, our Stud-to-Stud option entails removing the entire window down to the house framing, followed by meticulous exterior finishing with caulking or aluminum flashing. Each installation method is tailored to meet the specific needs and structural conditions of your home, ensuring optimal energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal. For detailed consultation and to explore the best window solution for your property, contact us at (647) 966-4898.