Bow and Bay Windows: Similar, but Different

Bow and bay windows are a great way to make any home stand out. Whether you already have awning or casement windows in your home and are looking for a transformative addition to the interior or exterior of your home, or if you just want to improve lighting and airflow in a room, bow and bay windows are an ideal choice.

While bow and bay windows may look similar, they are actually quite different. The style you choose for your home depends on many things, including your preferences, the style of your home, the type of lighting you desire, the spacing inside of a room, and, of course, your budget.

Bay Windows

bay window

Bay Window

Bay windows have a total of three openings. The structure of a bay window includes one large picture window in the middle, framed by two smaller windows on each side of the picture window. A bay window protrudes outwards from the exterior of a home, creating more floor space in the interior.


Bow Window

Bow Windows

Bow windows are wider than bay windows. This is because a bow window typically has 4 or 5 openings, and is built with a curved structure that creates a round appearance on the exterior of a home. Bow windows also allow more light to come into a room. This is because they are constructed with more glass panes than bay windows. Because bow windows are wider, they can also be built into the corners of homes, giving homeowners a view from two sides of a room. This makes bow windows an appealing choice for those who prefer multiple views of their exterior landscape.

Because bow windows are wider and the installations more complex, they tend to cost more than bay windows.

Which Option is Best For Your Home?

The window style you choose for your home depends entirely on your preference. If you have a modern home and design, you may want to consider bay windows. Bay windows have angular lines and flat planes, making them an ideal touch for modern architecture. Bow windows, on the other hand, have a semi-circular structure, which makes it an ideal choice for a home which has Victorian-era architecture.bow window

Bay windows come in a great selection of shapes, sizes, and styles. They are also ideal for homeowners who are on a budget and would like to create additional space inside of their home. That being said, bay windows allow for less natural light and more restricted views of outside spaces.

If you are interested in installing a window for the purpose of adding more natural lighting and ideal views to your home, you may want to consider bow windows. Bow windows have a more narrow profile from the outside, they look more elegant, they provide panoramic views, and add great lighting in a home. Although bow windows are typically more expensive due to their complicated installation process, they are a great option if you have the money to spend and prefer more lighting and a traditional aesthetic.

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