Single and Double Slider Windows

Single and double slider windows are practical and affordable, yet durable and aesthetically appealing. Our single & double slider windows are ENERGY STAR approved and are a great addition to any home.

Single Slider Windowssingle slider window

Our horizontal single slider windows feature a sash which opens easily and smoothly while the other remains fixed in place. When the window opens inward, it makes cleaning it a very simple task. The durable material allows for a perfectly smooth slide which provides superior ventilation. Single slider windows are a great option if you want to install a simple and affordable window option while not compromising style or function.

Double Slider Windows double slider window

Double slider windows, like single slider windows, are easy to operate, aesthetic, and efficient. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, and not only add to the aesthetic appeal of a home with their modern design, but also help promote airflow. Like single slider windows, double slider windows bolster a unique design and internal air chambers which allow for superior insulation and thermal efficiency. If you want more airflow in your home, the double slider window is a great option. The windows glide smoothly along the pane, and both open easily for access to the interior and exterior sides of the glass windows. For better ventilation and air flow, we suggest installing double slider windows.

Strong, Durable, and Built to LastDouble-Slider-Windows-Toronto-Mississauga-Brampton-Hamilton-Markham-Vaughan

GTA Direct Windows and Doors offers state of the art double and single slider windows built from materials which are strong and durable. Our innovative designs allow the windows to glide effortlessly and easily across the horizontal panes. If you like modern, contemporary, and innovative designs which improve the overall aesthetics and airflow of your home, slider windows are ideal for you. These windows are also:

  • Versatile: Our sliding windows are available in many different options, colors, and styles.
  • Easy to use: Both styles are easy to operate and clean
  • Great for air ventilation: Slider windows are designed to be opened even in the smallest of spaces, and offer superior ventilation
  • Affordable: Slider windows are effective and affordable. They won’t break the bank, but will still add a modern touch to your home’s interior and exterior.

Built with a vinyl frame and internal air chambers which allow for thermal efficiency and superior insulation, double and single slider windows are a great, affordable, and effective addition to any home.

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GTA Direct Windows & Doors offers a large selection of these windows. Available in different colors and details, our slider windows are energy efficient, durable, practical, and most of all, affordable.

Our products offer superior thermal efficiency which ensure air tightness that reduces both heating and air conditioning costs. We pride ourselves on creating customer-focused experiences and providing the best manufacturing and installation services possible. If you are considering installing or purchasing single or double slider windows — or any other type of window or door — contact us today. We proudly serve customers across Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Vaughan, and Markham for all their window and door needs. With shared experience of over 40 years, our team offers superior services which ensure the performance of any window or door upgrade or replacement. Call us for a free consultation today!